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The aim of our institution is to discover and to develop the qualities and talents in a human being. Besides striving to bring about a holistic development of the qualities in a person, the institution tries its best to inculcate in every student the spirit of social awareness.

“To serve man is to serve God” Every student is encouraged to cultivate respect for and to nurture interest in the welfare of others. This attitude helps in the formation of one’s character and individual personality. The institution deems its bounded duty to facilitate and develop the natural, physical and spiritual talents of its students.



To provide a near- ideal ambience, outstanding teaching resources and facilitates to foster all round development.

To nurture and promote intellectual abilities.

To inculcate a system of values and purity of thought.

To encourage development of scientific and rational thinking.

To develop leadership and a spirit of adventure.

 To foster the ability to distinguish the right from the wrong, fact from the myth, the grain from the chaff.

To encourage community feeling, a sense of justice and the quality of tolerance.

To develop self- confidence through a sense of responsibility, devotion, patriotism and discipline.

To foster critical and independent thinking.



Giving primacy to character formation that leads to the choice of a life of service.

Quality education based on holistic principles for life.

Building educational communities in a family atmosphere of partnership.

Strategic participatory planning.

Moving away from rote learning to meaningful assimilative learning.

Involving students actively in the process of learning.



Character formation

Unambiguous preference for the poor and the deserving

Sense of community and net- working

Holistic education



Be honest and truthful

Respect all elders and teachers, and be kind to all.

Respect school and personal property, and take care of it.

Be punctual and diligent.

Be clean in thought, word and deed.

Be just.

Be a lover of trees and plant more trees.

Be kind to animals.

Be cheerful.

Do to others as you wish others to do unto you.